Order premium raw, unfiltered single-source honey online.

Our 2017 honey is harvested and ready for sale.  We are working on getting on-line ordering up and running, so in the meantime please email John for ordering information.

We sell our honey in glass one-pound jars for $8 each. Shipping is $10. We are currently running a fresh honey special, so if you order 6 or more jars of honey, shipping is free!

We ship via USPS Priority Mail throughout the United States.


Honey – Summer 2017

We are proud to offer our unique 2017 honey harvest.  This year’s weather produced a strong basswood (tilia americana) flow, which our bees stored in abundance.  Basswood is a light and flavorful honey, noted for its minty and fruity flavors.  Easy to enjoy on its own, basswood honey also pairs well with fresh fruit, gamey goat cheese, and citrus-infused teas.